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Powder Line

We create, formulate, process, and package a variety of powder products where you can guarantee a fresh powder every time. An effective powder supplement needs to have a pleasant flavor beside its superior nutritional ingredients. Whether you want to manufacture a bodybuilding, weight loss/gain, pre-workout formula or a simple diet replacement powder, you’ll want Med Care flavor experts on your side.


Manufacturing Options

In the powder category we provide multivitamins, antioxidants, minerals, lactoferrin, collagen, diet sugar, agar and probiotics for mixed in liquid -water, milk or juice- with your flavor of choice.

While our deep flavor portfolio includes widely accepted vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, orange and strawberry, we can yet customize the flavor according to your preference. We can also enhance the product’s color with natural or artificial coloring.


Commonly powder supplements are packed in sachets with filling capacity of 1-100 gram per sachet, or in jars for up to 12 kilograms per jar.